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Wine And Culinary

The Winetrail Israel and Galileat are pleased to announce a special collaboration and invite you to a unique culinary experience that combines an up close look at the world of Israeli wine and traditional Galilean cooking.

Our fun day gets you out in to nature, inside the landscape of the finest wine regions in northern Israel, the Galilee and the Golan Heights. We visit boutique wineries where you will learn of the production of quality wine, from the growing of grapes in the vineyard, to the winery and the bottle. The full story.  We also introduce you to the fascinating culinary world and secrets of traditional Galilean cooking, visiting picturesque villages and local homes. We will prepare together a number of local specialities with our hosts, eat a spectacular meal and experience first-hand village life.

The program:

Meet at the predetermined meeting point, with a brief introduction and explanation of the day’s activities.

We continue to an observation point over the area where we will hear about the terroir and its effect on wine grapes. From there we arrive to the winery, where a delicious breakfast awaits us. We tour the winery, hear from the wine maker about his beliefs and methods in the creation process, and of course, taste his wines.

From here we walk through the area, suited to your level of fitness or desire, where we discover the natural landscape of the region. Along the way we will hear of the heritage, wine and history from up close.  As we arrive to the vineyard, the grower will accompany us on an in-depth tour, where we hear of his expertise and the challenges of producing quality wine grapes. We taste the grape varieties and participate in part of the agricultural activity, depending on the season. By the time we bid farewell, we will come to understand the influence of terroir on grape growing and by extension, wine making.

After a short journey we welcomed to the village and house of our host family, who exemplifies the middle-eastern custom of "hachnasat orchim"; warmly ushering guests into their home. Over tea and coffee, we hear of our host’s family, village, beliefs and traditions. Then it’s in to the kitchen, where we participate in one hour of hands-on preparation of traditional dishes. Once we have finished preparing the delicacies, we all sit together and enjoy a full lunch feast.

The full program is takes approximately 6 hours. However, the nature of our collaboration allows for maximum flexibility. We can shorten, or even skip parts of the day and the duration of the program, in keeping with your schedule and preferences.

The different elements can be ordered separately (just a wine tour, cooking workshop, hike) or at different times. The program is quite modular.

The tours are suitable for groups between 6-20 participants. For larger groups, please contact us for a quote and suitable program.

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